2CD2042WDI Camera -- web access via IE help

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2CD2042WDI Camera -- web access via IE help

Postby willever » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:55 pm

I would like to add a snapshot from this camera to a home grown web page that show snapshots from a number of other cameras.

I can access the camera using http://ipnumber/Streaming/channels/1/picture

however, it always requires a login. I would like to eliminate the login first..

I have tried to add ?auth=xxx where xxx = the encoded user id and password -- but it still asks for the login.

I have also tried to http://user:password@ipnumber/Streaming ... /1/picture -- but that gives me an windows error can't find ....

Once I eliminate the login -- I would be curious to see what others have used to display hikvision snapshots.

I am using the code below -- to pull a snapshot from an arecont camera.

<!-- ROW - 1 Camera 1 -->

<td width="320" height="240">
// Set the BaseURL to the URL of your camera
var BaseURL = "http://IPNUMBER/image3?res=half";
// DisplayWidth & DisplayHeight specifies the displayed width & height of the image.
// You may change these numbers, the effect will be a stretched or a shrunk image
var DisplayWidth = "320";
var DisplayHeight = "240";

var output = "";
theDate = new Date();
output = '<IMG SRC="';
output += BaseURL;
output += '&dummy=' + theDate.getTime().toString(10);
output += '" HEIGHT="';
output += DisplayHeight;
output += '" WIDTH="';
output += DisplayWidth;
output += '" ALT="Camera Image">';

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