Setting HikVision ERI Q104 - P4 KIT

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Setting HikVision ERI Q104 - P4 KIT

Postby vbpAlex » Thu May 30, 2019 2:55 pm

Hi there, I'm a new baby here and my questions may look strange to you, but anyway.

I'm trying to setup HikVision Value Express kit and have some issues.

First of all instructions very confusing and not all applied to this NVR, but anyway eventually I was able to add NVR and cameras using local IP 10.0...., locally all work and viewed correctly, but as a soon as i try to view externally or from a different network nothing is working.

My configuration as following:

1. NVR wired into Apple Air Port , which wired to FIOS Router.
2. All required Ports opened on Apple Air Port and FIOS router.

Please advise, what i'm missing.

Greatly appreciated your help


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