Repairs to a DVR Motherboard ??

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Repairs to a DVR Motherboard ??

Postby adie2u » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:35 pm

Hi there I have a DS-7308HI-S Dvr 8 way recorder
it just starts up and says Embedded NET Dvr then goes no signal , then repeats the cycle
will not go any futher

I think it may have gotton a spike on the mains as it hasnt got a Surge protector on it

Any ideas on how of if i can fix it ?????

The internal board is a DS-8093 rev1.0
Any help would be appricated
Thanks Adie

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Re: Repairs to a DVR Motherboard ??

Postby adam » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:56 pm

Really not sure on this one, I would say due to the low cost of a new one it will be uneconomical to pay for a repair.

Looking at it you have a very old analogue recorder. These new entry level units will record your analogue cameras at the higher D1 resolution and support new HD Turbo cameras at the same time: ... clone.html

You could use your existing hard drive also.

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