Win 10 IE 11 login fail

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Win 10 IE 11 login fail

Postby Willi Waw » Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:18 pm

I have connected a HIKVision camera (DS-2CD2042WD-1) to my stock FIOS router. It has upgraded firmware. I can hit it just fine on the LAN with iVMS, and with Kodi using RTSP. My problem is that when I try to reach it through the browser on my WIN 10 desktop using IE11 by entering my IP address (with no port specified, oddly), I can't get past the login screen. I enter the name and password, and nothing happens, no matter what I scream at the screen or how hard I repeatedly click. I have tried enabling all Active X IE settings, setting Compatibility View, and clearing my cache. It seems to have automatically forwarded every port there is on its own initiative, and I can hit it with Firefox just fine, except I can't see anything, of course, because now it is obviously too much to expect your browser to do what you went to an address for it to do, just as an operating system is apparently there to prevent your computer from operating if it feels like it. The hated and comical Edge and Chrome fail, too, but I can't remember how, and I don't care about that right now.

Anyway, is anyone else in the world having this problem, or is it something so obvious that I am am the only one having it, being so much stupider than everybody else? Thanks.

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