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Incorrect picture DS 7208 DVR

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:21 pm
by Bryan
I have noticed a distortion effect on my new DS 7208 DVR, this is apparent as a upward stretching of the picture, making persons appear tall and slim (must be worth a fortune !), however it could detract from the forensic value of an image.
It,s not a dramatic effect, but nevertheless it's there.
Initially I thought it was an induced effect coming from the Varifocal cameras, but on closer examination, it is present in the fixed focus as well.
I mentioned this to Adam, who was to contact Hik, but we have not heard yet.
I must say that this Hik kit is well superior to any I have used so far, and the distortion I mention could be an inherent feature, so I wonder if anyone has seen and corrected it.